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Why The Bit Leash?

The “makes life more convenient” connector strap was something we invented because we needed it ourselves, it’s that simple!

In a perfect world everything would work out and bits would be put back exactly in the right place and never go missing – buts that’s never how it works out is it? Our industrial contracting company, Royal Machine Solutions, has been in business since 2014. On the job and at our machine shop, our workers were constantly finding their bits gone. What a waste of valuable time having to go searching! We discovered the same problem was happening to our neighbours (also contractors).

A modern solution was called for! You absolutely cannot misplace or drop your bits when they pop on and off your tool like a cap on a sports bottle, can you?

About the Bit Leash history- Example in Worksite Background
Original version of the Bit Leash

Original version of the Bit Leash


We got to work creating the design in our own shop, and then sending it out to testers. After perfecting the design and patenting our new invention we launched the Bit Leash on our online store. Next we got it up on Amazon.

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How It Started

How did the Bit Leash begin? Two company owners talked about how missing bits were a constant problem in the lives of their workers.
That sparked the idea.
Michael decided to solve the problem himself and make the Bit Leash in his shop at Royal Machine Solutions.

Now we put send them out to people around Canada and the U.S.

Royal Machine Solutions Building Workplace


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