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1. How it Works

Bit Leash helps the busy handyperson by storing drill bits right on the power tool. Bits in your toolkit are small and easily can get lost in the day to day, which can be annoying when you can’t find the one you’re looking for. Additionally, having your bits attached at all times means you can have the ones you use the most ready to go when you need them, with no delay to starting work.

Benefits of Using Bit Leash:

  • You can’t lose your drill bits

  • Bits conveniently right at hand

  • Get work done faster and with less hassle

  • Fast swapping between bit types
  • Bits can’t drop when you’re working high up

  • Saves time and money by making work go quicker

The Bit Leash

In a Bit Leash, one end holds the bit (inside a rotating bearing which allows it to spin) and the other end is clipped onto the tool.

2. Guide to Bit Types

A bit is inserted into a drilling power tool to drill (a.k.a. drive) screws into a surface. Bits can be used with most drilling power tools, such as screwdrivers or bit drivers/impact drivers for example. Screws come in a variety of shapes and you need the matching bits to screw them in correctly.

Buyers Guide - Bit Types

Bits and the Matching Screw Types

Phillips Screw Shape - Buyers Guide
Phillips Side and Top Side By Side Comparison


A very popular type, always a good choice.
Cross shaped screw and arrow shaped bit. Used for standard projects like hanging a picture or building a deck. See our Which Ones Should I Get? list to see more examples of how they are used.

What to buy with Bit Leash:

Get this bit leash
Square Screw Shape - Buyers Guide
Square Bit Side and Top Side By Side Comparison


Square bits, also known as Robertson bits (invented by a Canadian!).
Popular with DIYers, tradesmen and contractors for their projects (see our Which Ones Should I Get? list to see our recommended choices for different jobs & projects). We have two sizes available:
small #1 square (7/64″ / 2.778mm) and the large #2 square (1/8″ / 3.175mm).

What to buy with Bit Leash:

Get this bit leash
Get this bit leash
Hex Screw Shape - Buyers Guide
Hex Side and Top Side By Side Comparison


A commonly used screw, especially in Ikea furniture. These screws often come in a variety of specific sizes, so hex bits usually come in sets. May save your relationship during Ikea builds. Great for putting in self drilling metal screws on sheet metal or in cladding outer layers.

What to buy with Bit Leash:

Get this bit leash


Get this bit leash
Get this bit leash
Screw Shapes Included
Interchangeable Side with Detached Bit Head


Has multiple head shapes all in one Bit Leash (includes cross head, square, and star shaped Torx). Different heads can be inserted into the socket as needed. All the benefits of the aforementioned bit shapes in one.

What to buy with Bit Leash:


Get this bit leash
1/2 Square Socket Adapter Bit Leash Close Up
Socket Adapter Demo Example

Socket Adapters

Socket adapters are used to attach sockets onto your power tool, which allows for more tool functions. You can switch from using your tool as a screwdriver to a high speed wrench for example. We offer adapters for square in 1/4″ and 1/2″ sizes.

What to buy with Bit Leash:


Get this bit leash


Get this bit leash

3. FAQ

Will it work for a drill? Will it work for a bit driver?2021-03-11T14:15:09-05:00

This product is interchangeable with a drill and impact drivers so no need to worry. A belt clip carabiner is included with your Bit Leash purchase, so as long as that is attached to the drill you’re good to go! And if you don’t have a belt clip we have a universal lanyard option!

Can you work with the Bit Leash attached?2020-11-20T15:54:28-05:00

Yes! The bit spins while on the Bit Leash so you can work as normal.

I go through a lot of bits, can you interchange the bit on the cable?2020-12-08T11:13:42-05:00

We make an interchangeable bit driver so if you’re going through bits you can interchange them just like an impact gun.

Are the bits impact rated? What are their quality?2020-12-08T11:54:14-05:00

Yes the bits are impact rated. They are high quality from Japan made out of S2 tool steel. We haven’t had anyone come back saying the bits perform less than what’s expected.

Does it hold up in outside weather?2020-12-08T11:22:40-05:00

It shouldn’t be an issue to use outside. We would not recommended that it’s left outside in the rain for prolonged periods just like your standard tools.

4. Which Ones Should I Get?

Here are our suggestions for the bit sets you might choose for some common projects and professions.
Feel free to contact us if you need more advice.

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More Questions?
Feel free to contact us.
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