Tool Body Fastener


Don’t have a belt clip on your tool to attach the Bit Leash onto? Or you want to keep your belt clip free? The Bit Leash Tool Body Fastener gives you a new way to attach your Bit Leash to your drill/driver. Just wrap the fastener around the tool body with your Bit Leash attached and you’re good to go!

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Bit Leash Tool Body Fastener

If wish to keep your belt clip free clip, or you do not have a clip, you can use this Velcro strap to attach your Bit Leash to your power tool (see Buyers Guide for more about the Bit Leash).  Keeping commonly used bits attached to the tool allows the user to quickly swap between bits and prevents them from being dropped or lost. This system dramatically extends the life of drill bits and eliminates the need for purchasing large quantities of them. In Bit Leash’s special design, the bit is free to rotate, meaning you can use it while it is attached! Purchase other Bit Leashes to have all your favorite bit types on hand and swap between them quickly and easily! Just connect them together with one of the included clip options and attach them to your power tool for easy access to your Bit Leash collection. Don’t let anything stop you! Use the Bit Leash Tool Body Fastener to attach a Bit Leash today.

Your Bits

  • Store them on your power tool
  • Always at hand for fast swapping
  • Ready as soon as you need them
  • Can’t get lost
  • Will not drop while you’re working high up
  • Save time and money
  • Will rotate while attached to the tool

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